Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats been on my plate lately?

Haven't posted ina while, been a little busy here and trying to keep up with life and all of its demands but have been keeping up with my nutrition goals! Thought I would share with you a few things that have made its way onto my menu lately!  Yum Yum!

The above is ingredients for the below photos!
Scoop of choc pp
sprinkle of instant coffee grains
baking powder/ baking soda
wet ingrediants are water and egg whites
mix up
put in oven at 350 for 15 mins or until sides pull away from greased bowls edges

turns out looking like the above, but wait! we aren't done yet!

added some greek yogurt mixed with a packed of splenda, pb2 and then natty almond butter on top!!!

Though I know I started with a delicious snack, supper was pretty awesome too! I cooked this up for my Mum and I. I stayed at my parents place for the weekend and made sure I stayed in charge of meals (I could get in my proper macros and Mum got a break from cooking, win win!)

The above dish is shrimp and beans with a few baby carrots thrown in. Stirfried it all with some Coconut oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, lime juice and thai seasoning, finger licking good!! Even Mum cleaned her plate!

This dish is a mix of canned tuna, spinach, red peppers, spices and Shirataki noodles. Not sure if any of you have had them but this was my first time trying them and I have to say I am impressed! I don't think that they ever could replace pasta noodles but think they fit in asian dishes quite nice!
I had Miracle Noodle brand, a package I picked up in Calgary when I was there but found these ones at my local Asian store
Think I am going to give them a try some time soon to see how they compare :)

This is an awesome find that I recently discovered as well! HOT HOT HOT mustard that tastes great for dipping my chicken in....almost like hot wings....but not lol

And lastly, here is one thing that I did NOT eat, but def wanted to, my decade old niece's Birthday cake!

The Butterflies were made out of chocolate by my sister and my niece......they looked soooooo Yummy!


  1. Ilove the shiritaki noodles. oh they have Fettuccine aldo, bummer they don't have those in my Asian market. I really do love them so much I can have lots without all the carb and calories from regular pasta and yes they work well in asian food. I've also used them with a rosé sauce, chicken strip, black olives and sundried tomatoes...yummy.

    But I do rinse them for about 10 min prior as the liquid they are kept in smell fishy...

  2. That dish sounds super delic! I think I may try that as well, I seen macaroni ones to that I would like to give a try :) I hadn't heard of them before and they were super pricy where I bought them in calgary but then thought of checking the Asian place and low and behold a lot cheaper! And so close to home. I dont see of any downside to them or heard anything negative, has anyone else?

  3. Hi lttlone!! I've been following, just not officially for a while now!

    I have to say those dishes sound amazing! I'm going to have to keep an eye out at the grocer for them..... T&T and Loblaws are in kahoots now, so maybe Loblaws may carry them afterall now?

    You are doing great, as usual!